Hal Mushkilaat (Halting Hardship)

If one has extreme hardship then one must recite

After Fajr 100 times HUWAL HAYUL QAYYUMھُوا لۡحیُ القَیُوم 

After Zuhr recite HUWAL ALIYUL AZEEM 100 times, ھُوا لۡحَلیُ الحَظیم 

After Asr HUWAL AL RAHMANO AL RAHEEM 100 times, ھُوا لرحمن الرھیم 

After Maghrib recite 100 times HUWAL GHANI UL HAMEED,ھُوالغنیُ الحمید 

And after Isha recite HUWAL LATEEF UL KHABEERO 100 times.ھُواللطیفُ الۡحبیرُ

For 21 days without missing any days Inshallah by the Noor of Allah’s Holy Names one’s hardship will be diminished.


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